The title of Montreal-based chanteuse Nancy Lane's debut album, Let Me Love You, says it all.

Her music is an invitation to be loved: as a listener, as a human being, as a soul in need of a warm embrace. Add to that a voice marked by powerful expressive confidence and a tonal quality suffused with husky warmth, and you get a vintage sound bolstered by fresh production values and smart musicianship. Not only is this Lane's first full album; it's also an unforgettable message in a bottle, flung from the confines of Montreal's local jazz scene into the music world's wider ocean.

Slated for a late 2015 release, the album boasts musicians both young and seasoned, including drummer Dave Laing, bassist Mike De Masi, guitarist Kenny Bibace, and pianist Lara Driscoll, and also features saxophonist François D'Amours and trumpeter Aron Doyle. The deferential approach of this band provides Lane with a simpatico springboard as she traces a cohesive arc through a flight of standards and unexpected departures alike.

Nancy's smooth and sultry voice is the perfect companion to a relaxing evening at home with wineglass in hand, and makes your cares feel as distant as the moon.


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